Myriad Alien Vue brings Android apps to your TV without hardware

Google TV has been getting positive press as of late, but this was not always so. The internet-based TV platform was criticized for not supporting the Android ecosystem that has grown to be so robust in the past year. Luckily, those criticism haven’t fallen on deaf ears, but those ears did not belong to Google. Enter Myriad. The company that brought us Alien Dalvik (a virtual machine that emulates an Android environment allowing the running of Android apps on non-Android devices) has just announced Alien Vue.

Alien Vue is based on Alien Dalvik and is meant for television service providers looking to bring Android Market offerings to their customers. Currently, about 80% of the apps in the Market are compatible with the new system and it plays very well with apps specifically design for Google TV. What’s great is that no addition hardware is required other than the set-top cable box you already use. While this isn’t the first attempt to bring apps to TV, it is certainly one of, if not the most, elegant solution. Since it is based on Dalvik, the APKs need no modification to run and it performs flawlessly when running HTML5 applications.

Plans for the new system include offering packages to TV service providers as a value-added service. Reps also confirmed that each TV service provider would be able to develop their own app stores, but would still be able to offer the whole range of app choices across all the stores that will eventually open in the future.

via Tech Crunch

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