New Android OS distribution numbers released

While it isn’t a huge debate anymore, or at least it shouldn’t be, there are still people out there talking about the inherent fragmentation of the Android platform. Sure, there are devices out there running old versions of Android, which will never see newer software, but there are reasons for that. We won’t get into them. Instead, we’ll just let you look at the above chart and smile at the fact that Android 2.3 Gingerbread has taken over.

As you can see from this latest pie chart, Android 2.2 Froyo is still a heavy hitter in the world. But, keeping in mind that this is a global chart should help you relax a bit. It’s also worth noting that Android 2.3 only takes a very, very small amount of the pie, while Android 2.3.3. through Android 2.3.7 has managed to take up 50.1% of the pie. That’s huge news. There are some phones out there still running the earliest versions of Android, with Android 2.1 still taking up a noticeable amount of the pie.

Considering how many Android phones are out there, seeing numbers like this is refreshing, and shows that manufacturers and Google really are trying to update phones.

via PhoneDog; Android Developers

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