New App Aims to Bring All Your Common Tasks to the Lockscreen

You see it dozens of times a day. Sometimes you might not even notice it. You could probably do it without even looking. Of course I’m talking about the lockscreen. That one little screen that doesn’t serve much purpose other than preventing your pocket from dialing Aunt Emily. Many apps have tried to beef up the lockscreen with more tools; the most notable being WidgetLocker. A new app has arrived that aims to totally transform the way you interact with your lockscreen.

The app is called “Lucent Lock Screen” by White Gorilla Media. Lucent does way more than just unlock your phone. The styling is slightly similar to the ICS lockscreen, but with a lot more info. For starters you can unlock your phone directly to messaging, camera, and music. There are also five tabs across the top for Weather, Messages, Music, Quick Settings, and Notification volume. These tabs are mostly self explanatory. Weather gives you current and future weather info. Messages lets you view your recent messages. Music lets you change the track. Quick settings lets you quickly switch on/off WiFi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode. Notification volume lets you adjust ringer and notification sound volume.

All in all this eye pleasing and feature packed new kid on the block has enough to compete with the big boys. It’s available for $1.99 in the Android Market right now.

Android Market

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