NORAD Tracks Santa may help children finally catch Santa

NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command), is a US-Canadian military organization that is responsible for defending our country and our neighbors up north both in the air and on the sea. Every year, they track Santa Claus’ worldwide journey and introduce the various individuals that assist in their efforts. Apparently, Santa is accompanied by a squadron of F-22‘s just in case someone tries to stop the jolly old man’s quest to deliver presents. Well, at least while he’s flying over the US and Canada.

This year, NORAD got an upgrade. They’ve released an app that is available on the Market right now. It has some minigames to help you pass the time, but more importantly, let’s you and your family track Santa in realtime as he makes his journey around the world. The countdown has already started and as of this writing we’re down to the last 12 hours of the wait. Then, we will see Santa begin his epic journey from the North Pole. Happy tracking everyone!

via Android Market

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