Notion Ink Adam gets early build of Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’re one of the lucky few to have Notion Ink’s Adam tablet, your day is about to get a bit rosier. The 10-inch tablet offering by the Indian company got a lot of press for being the first device to offer a Pixel Qi display (think color eInk visible in direct sunlight). The Tegra 2-powered Adam shipped with a gussied up version of Gingerbread taking advantage, like so many other manufacturers, of the ability to reskin Android.

In any case, the people at Notion Ink have been hard at work on porting ICS to their device. They released an early build, but like all early builds, there’s quite a bit that still doesn’t work. Specifically, this pre-Alpha release has yet to support audio, the camera, Bluetooth, or 3G. Problems are also reported about a bug affecting the tablet’s ability to sleep. Luckily, Notion Ink sees the value of the collective efforts of the community. It will be releasing the source code for their port of ICS to devs everywhere so let’s all pitch in and get this thing up and running!

via liliputing

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