Pandigital Novel 7″ tablet receives firmware update, includes Android Market

The Pandigital Novel is one of the cheaper, less popular tablets on the market, boasting low-end specs and Android 1.5. It doesn’t even have the Android Market pre-loaded, but as always the trusty hacker has come to the rescue. Currently available is some custom firmware, giving the tablet some of the very basic features that make an Android tablet, well, an Android tablet.

Of the new features, the Android Market is included, along with the Youtube app, SlideMe app store and a few others. It also includes the ability to install some apps like Kobo, B&N, SpareParts and Titanium Backup. Those can be ignored, but whoever made the firmware felt like giving the option. Anyone who’s interested in the firmware can hit the SlateDroid source link now, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

via The Digital Reader; SlateDroid

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