Pantech P4100 hits FCC pit stop on the way to AT&T

Pantech has been trying to gain some momentum in the mobile world. Recently, the Breakout hit Verizon’s shelves and now, the South Korean mobile manufacturer has its sights set on the tablet market. The P4100 is headed toward AT&T, but, as is the case with many mobile products, has been shrouded in mystery. It doesn’t have a name yet and there hasn’t been much buzz about the device in the community.

What we do know is that it sports a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Adreno 220 CPU, has a 7-inch display, resolution of 1024×720, that’s all and it’s not much. Guesses as to the version of Android it will ship it are also stabs in the dark. Most likely, it will ship with Gingerbread which has been in consumer hands for awhile, but there is always a chance that ICS find its way on to the device. Other than that, it is fit with hardware that plays well with AT&T’s LTE network. No dates to report, but seeing as how advertising usually precedes a mobile launch, we’ll probably hear more about this Pantech offering in the new year.

via Android Community

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