Popular App “YouMail” Removed from Android Market, T-Mobile to Blame

On a day full of so much good news for apps there is one app that’s not so lucky. The popular visual voice mail app called YouMail has been removed from Android Market. YouMail writes about the disappearance on their blog and the culprit for this happens to be none other than T-Mobile.

They claim that the reason the app was removed is because T-Mobile complained that YouMail was causing network disruption. The owner of YouMail thinks this is a crazy complaint for many reasons. They go on to say that T-Mobile (or any of the other carriers) have never contacted YouMail about the issue. YouMail has even been pre-loaded on phones for some small carriers. Why would a small carrier put a “network disrupting” app on all their phones?

We hate to think this is a anti-competition move, but it certainly seems odd. Definitly follow the link below to read YouMail’s thoughts on this situation. It’s a great read.

via YouMail Blog

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