PRADA Phone 3.0 by LG presales start in S.Korea today

The Prada Phone was officially unveiled not too long ago. The dual-core OMAP 4430-totin’ Gingerbread device was developed to repeat the success of the past joint ventures by LG and Prada. A sleek, minimalist design sits atop Android 2.3.7 and LG promises that full customization will be available so you can replace your app icons as you see fit (you know, so that one icon that’s in color won’t kill the whole chic look).

In any case, the phones release seems imminent. LG announced today that beginning the 22nd to the 26th (South Korea is basically a day ahead), preorders would open for the designer brand phone. The price for consumers?  ₩899,800 which roughly translates to $784 US dollars. So all you readers on that side of the Pacific, head over to SKT or KT and preorder yours today! Fellas, your ladies will love ya.

via LG Newsroom Korea

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