Qualcomm S4 tablet gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Qualcomm announced the S4 tablet back in November. It was presented with a 10.1-inch 1366×768 10-finger capacitive multitouch display, 13MP camera (rear), 2MP camera (front), additional side-by-side 3D cameras (rear), 7 microphones, and surround sound speakers. That’s not all folks! The tablet also sports dual 3D accelerometers, a three-axis gyro, compass, ambient light and proximity sensors, temperature and pressure sensor, and a fingerprint reader. Really, it has enough sensors to make the lunar lander jealous.

It was released as a mobilve development platform for the development community. Of course, this will do much to bring Snapdragon compatibility to the new wave of next-gen Android applications. With the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade coming so soon, looks like optimization is the only chore left for Qualcomm.

via Engadget

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