Samsung Conquer 4G to receive buy one get one free from Sprint

With CES around the corner, many carriers will probably try to clear stock of their older phones. Our friends over at SprintFeed have received a leaked Sprint document, sporting a good new year deal. The Samsung Conquer 4G, which normally retails for 99.99, will be on sale for $49.99. To make things better, it will be a part of a buy one, get one free package.

This offer applies to both new and upgrading customers, and must include a new or renewed two-year contract. The promotion will start on January 8, and will run until March 10. This past holiday season has seen many great deals, but with new phones on the horizon carriers may try to get rid of older phones quickly. For anyone looking for a nice, mid-range phone, the Conquer 4G should prove worthy. If you do plan on picking one up, be sure to let us know in the comments.

via SprintFeed

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