Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets Cyanogen Mod port

Every once in awhile there is a phone that is very tough to root and get custom ROMs running on. One of those phones has become the Epic 4G Touch from Sprint. Roots have been available, but until now no real custom ROMs. That has changed as Android Developer bubby323 has ported Cyanogen Mod version 7.2 to the Epic 4G Touch. Not everything is functional (far from it actually), but it’s progress that needed to be made.

Some of the biggest bugs include the inability to call 911 (like the Vibrant), no use of the native SMS app, no 4G, as well as issues with external SD card mounting and the GPS. All these missing features would make it tough to use as a daily phone, but they should be smoothed out in the future. Also, CM9 does not appear to be in development  for the device, as the Cyanogen Mod team does not support the device. As always, remember to do at your own risk if you do decide to flash, and we are not responsible. Anyone going to flash this new ROM? Excited for what’s to come? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Central; XDA

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