Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE shows up on Craig’s List

If you really, really want the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon, and you’re tired of waiting, then maybe you should keep an eye on Craig’s List. Because where there’s one… right? Anyway, that’s what we’re looking at here, apparently. As you can see from the image above there’s no actual Verizon branding on the back, which probably means that if this is a legitimate sale, it is just an Alpha test unit.

But, there it is. The seller is located in Phoenix, and they are offering the device with an unlocked bootloader and a custom ROM. So yes, it’s already rooted. So if you didn’t think $750 (or higher) was too much for the GSM unlocked version, then dropping $1,000 to get your hands on a 4G LTE-enabled version seems just right, right?

via Phandroid

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