Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery 50% off at Verizon stores

One of Android’s weaker points has always been battery life, and when you add in the newest 4G radios, it tends to get even worse. New owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus who may not get the best battery life should probably take note, as Verizon is currently selling the standard 1850mAh battery for only $20. That’s 50% from the standard $40 price tag.

To get one head on over to your local Verizon store, or you can purchase one online through the Verizon source link below. The battery isn’t the nicer extended one, but it does feature NFC compatibility. Considering how good the deal is, we suggest you grab one before it sells out. Having an extra battery is always useful, so grabbing two or three doesn’t sound too bad either. The sale is only going on today as far as we know, so grab one fast and let us know how you like it in the comments.

via Droid-Life; Verizon

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