Samsung Galaxy Nexus docks finally make an appearance

When the Galaxy Nexus was initially unveiled, people couldn’t help but notice the three pins on the side of the device. Everyone assumed that there would be some sort of dock shown off with the Galaxy Nexus, but we haven’t seen much at all. In fact, up until now, we haven’t seen any kind of docks for that dock connector on the side of the device. But thanks to retailer MobilFun, that’s all changed, and we’ve got plenty of accessories to stare at.

As you can see in the image above, that particular dock is pretty interesting. We get to see a more traditional dock, as well as a holder that comes with an extra battery compartment to charge your phone while it’s on. We see HDMI docks, vehicle docks, and that vertical desktop dock. Go ahead and check out the videos below to see them in action.

via MobilFun; Phandroid

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