Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon all white box along with ICS promo box

If the Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn’t release this week, we might witness a mass riot. The amount of leaks and rumors of the release of the Galaxy Nexus over the past few days has been building up our hopes higher than we’d care to go, seeing that we still have no official word from Verizon. Adding to all the hope-building picture leaks comes this one.

An all white box simply labeled “Verizon” in white letters might seem like not much to go off of. However, we did see the insides of a Galaxy Nexus box yesterday and it did seem to come in a box that looks like this one. Why an all white box with just “Verizon” tattooed on the front? We don’t know. Maybe it resembles a white paper wrapper that most ice cream sandwiches come in. Maybe it symbolizes a “pure” Google experience (I definitely don’t believe that’s what it means though we wish it did). But what I’m more excited about when I look at this picture is the stacks of what seems to be the same box behind it. And if this was taken at a Verizon store, then that means that the release shouldn’t be too far away. In fact, it should mean that the coveted phone should be releasing this Friday.

Also, for your drooling pleasure, another box has surfaced that seems to be a promotional piece for the Galaxy Nexus. It comes in what looks to be the shape of an ice cream sandwich. If you look closely you can see the words “Galaxy Nexus” on the box as well. While this doesn’t seem to be the box that will carry the Galaxy Nexus it does look pretty cool. But something tells me it could be sold in a plastic sandwich bag and we’d still buy ut. Just give us the phone already, Verizon.

via DroidLife

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