Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon allows bloatware to be “Disabled”

Videos have been emerging of the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus in the past few days. This has most of us even more anxious for it’s imminent launch. However, some of us were disappointed with the fact that Verizon managed to smuggle two pre-installed and un-uninstallable (is that even a word?) apps: My Verizon and Backup Assistant. Personally I would use these apps so I don’t mind them being there when I need it. But if you absolutely hate the idea that they’re visibly there and possibly running in the background then you have the option of “disabling” them.

One of the many features in Ice Cream Sandwich is the ability to “disable” an app within the phone. This doesn’t remove the app completely nor does it free up the space that the app takes up. But it does stop the app from ever running in the background plus the icon remains invisible in your app drawer until you re-enable the app.

Now you might be thinking, All this fuss over TWO whole apps?! and you would be justified in saying that. But this news gets really neat when you think about the implications of ICS rolling out to other devices that are loaded with Verizon’s bloatware. Now we see how special this feature has the potential of becoming for some people. But we’ll continue this conversation as ICS starts its expansion.

So is this an acceptable compromise for you Google-purists? How many of you are honestly really disappointed that these two apps come pre-loaded on the Galaxy Nexus and will you exercise your right to “disable” them?

via DroidLife

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