Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon continues to arrive by the box-full, one person almost walks away with one

So here we are again. Are we surprised that the Motorola DROID XYBoards were released before the Galaxy Nexus? Unfortunately, no. Did Verizon push back the release of the Galaxy Nexus because of the DROID XYBoards? Maybe. Are we upset? Most likely. Are there any more possible release dates? Of course there are.

As we can see in the picture above and in many rumors the past few days, Verizon and other indirect retail stores actually have the Galaxy Nexus. There doesn’t seem to be a lack of them. What we do lack is an official release date. What we hope Verizon is doing is stalling the release because they want to get the phone Google Wallet ready, along with making sure there are enough in stock for their huge promo of the device. Maybe they actually have our best interests in mind.

Anyway, back to the real world. There are a couple new dates that have been popping up for the Galaxy Nexus. December 9 is still, technically, possible but probably unlikely. Another rumor is Sunday December 11. There is also a December 15 and a 19, as well as a “last week of December.” While we’re hoping it’s either today or Sunday, what we learn from these dates is that no one knows when this phone will be released; not even your “guy” that works at Verizon. Maybe the Verizon higher-ups don’t even know when this phone will launch. So once again, we will actually have to wait. I don’t think there will be any rumor that can prepare us for the announcement. All the phones are shipped and in the stores. There is nothing that will give us a clue as to when the Galaxy Nexus will be released until we hear it straight from Verizon.

In lighter news, our friends at Phandroid has a reader that almost walked away with a Galaxy Nexus from a clueless Verizon worker. Here’s the story:

In more “fun” news, we received an email today from a reader named Jesse, who strolled into his local Verizon Wireless store and almost made out with the Galaxy Nexus. After asking for the phone, a clueless rep said they had ‘em in stock and went to the back room to grab it. She came out with the box in hand, opened it and let him play around with it. After a few moments she asked him what he thought of the phone. He said he would like to take it home and watched in shock as she proceeded to ring him up. After popping in the SIM card, the rep stopped mid-scan — thought for a moment — then said, “I need to make sure I can sell this.” Our reader’s heart sank as she called her supervisor who asked if she had seen “the email.” When the phone call had ended, she apologized and told our would-be Nexus owner that the phone wasn’t yet for sale. He could only watch as the Nexus faded away into the dark confines of Verizon’s backroom. So close, Jesse!

You were rooting for him weren’t you? Happy waiting.

via Phandroid, The Droid Guy, Android Forums

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