Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon found in indirect retailers Cellebrite system, release around the corner?

By now, we’ve run fresh out of salt to take all these rumors with about the Galaxy Nexus launching on Verizon. Someone crying “wolf” in the form of “confirmed release date” is met with as much skepticism as someone crying “we win” in Indianapolis. But this rumor might just be one that we get a little excited about. But just a little.

Supposedly a “Verizon Indirect agent” picked up his Cellebrite system this morning and, lo and behold, embedded in the system was the SCH-i515 Galaxy Nexus. Why is this so significant? According to the agent, the system can only be updated with certain software by Cellebrite and only after they get approval from Verizon Corporate “so [he] is told.” Supposedly they receive these official updates to their systems “shortly before launch.” What “shortly” means is not clear just yet. However, this does seem like there is something to this rumor. We have seen the Galaxy Prime show up in Verizon’s systems a few months ago but under the unofficial name. But, being just one week out from the December 8th rumored launch date for this phone, it does make for a perfect time for the Galaxy Nexus to show up in Verizon’s systems.

So what do you think? Get excited because of this leak or have you been jaded far too many times? I might lean more toward the latter but the little kid in me leaped for a few seconds. We’ll continue to wait for the official word from Big Red.

via Reddit

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