Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon gets a speedtest captured on video

Basically at this point we’re just waiting for the final day. The final day, when Verizon finds it pertinent to actually release their branded version of the Galaxy Nexus. But, while we wait, we might as well watch other people get to play with the device, right? That’s what we get to see here, in the latest video evidence of the phone’s existence in the wild. This time around we get to see the phone’s speedtest, and it’s notable due to the fact that it is running on only two bars of service.

So, what kind of speeds do we get with two bars of service? The device’s download speed reaches up to 8.5Mbps, and the upstream reaches 2Mbps. Again, that’s pretty impressive considering the limited amount of network coverage. It’s definitely worthwhile to think about the kind of speeds the phone will get with full coverage. So go ahead and check out the video below.

via VZBuzz

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