Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon listed at $289.99 again

We reported earlier that the 15th of December was looking like a solid date, and now we’ve got yet another picture to share with you. Thanks to our tipster, it looks like that $289.99 price tag we had heard mentioned in the past, if you’re a Costco member that is, is spot on. While there’s no mention of any bundles in this particular image, we know that Costco will have one on offer when the phone does launch (whenever that actually happens).

The image also gives us another glimpse of a 12/15/2011 launch window, but we’re not going to mark anything in permanent marker quite yet. We are certainly eye-balling this Thursday as a potential launch date, and we may even have it circled on our calendars. But, we can easily remove it if we have to. (We hope we don’t.) Now, here’s hoping that we see some kind of announcement from Verizon here shortly.

Thanks, Artful Dodger!

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