Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon releasing “this week” at select Radio Shacks

It’s looking more and more like the Galaxy Nexus will launch this Friday December 9 here in the US. Finally! This latest leak shows that Verizon stores might not be the only place where you can get your hands on this phone. A leaked image of the Galaxy Nexus coming to “select” Radio Shack stores pins the launch of the phone at “this week.” It also states that the phone will be sold at $299 on contract or $799 unactivated. Ouch. But we would be silly to expect anything less.

This is comforting to know that Verizon stores won’t be the only ones releasing the Galaxy Nexus this week. Just in case they only have 15 phones you can book it down to your local Radio Shack and possibly snag it there. But I would call ahead of time to make sure that your Radio Shack is a “select store.”

via AndroidCentral

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