Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon will reportedly sell for $289 on contract at Costco

With the release of the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon seemingly right around the corner, it’s no surprise that the leaks regarding the device haven’t slowed down. While we have already seen that Costco had every intention of selling the device on December 9th as well, whether or not that still happens is anyone’s guess. The likely rumor is that the release has been “delayed.” In any event, this latest screenshot sent over to our friends at phoneArena tells us that Costco does indeed plan on selling the Galaxy Nexus for slightly cheaper than what we believe Verizon will tag it, but the downside is that it really is only slightly less.

The picture of the internal system at Costco informs us that the members-only retailer will sell the device for only $289. While that may not seem like that big of a price decrease from the $300 that we expect Verizon to launch the phone at, Costco is also throwing in an accessories bundle pack. Unfortunately there’s no word on what, exactly, is in that bundle quite yet.

There is something else of note. Despite the fact that the believed December 9th launch date is tomorrow, it looks like Costco’s internal systems are still telling them to launch the phone on that particular day. We know that Verizon’s Equipment Guide has the device’s launch date listed as coming soon now, but anything is possible. The 4G LTE outage that struck the Big Red network is believed to be the root cause of this latest delay in the Galaxy Nexus, but obviously nothing has been confirmed by Verizon.

via phoneArena

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