Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets Google Wallet APK sans root

Last week we reported that for those individuals that had a rooted Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there was an option to install Google Wallet on your device. Well, it looks like now, everyone can join the party. A new APK that brings Google Wallet to your Galaxy Nexus has been released that works on rooted and non-rooted phones and has been making waves across the developer community.

If you have already installed the app via a root and you want to update to the new APK, you may have to roll back any changes and customizations that you’ve made by booting into recovery. While Verizon’s stance on Google Wallet hasn’t really changed, Android being an open source project means that if consumers want it, someone will make it work. So, if you’re ready for some NFC payment goodness, head over to the XDA Devs forum and download the APK for yourself.

via Phandroid

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