Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners reporting multitouch issues

While Verizon was quick to admit that a signal issue is indeed plaguing their branded version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it looks like the halo device that launched Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich may be suffering a bit more on the software side of things as well. According to a few reports over on RootzWiki the device is reportedly hindered by some multitouch issues.

A few owners of the device are reporting that while playing games like Shadowgun and Gun Bros, the lower-half of the display while in landscape mode becomes completely unresponsive. The touchscreen seems to have a haphazard way of reacting to touch input on the display when this is happening. Users are even saying that tapping, dragging your finger, or dropping the notification shade becomes unresponsive as well. Users are able to turn off the display and fix it for the most part, but entering games like those mentioned above seems to just bring the issue right back.

According to Electronista, a software update is in the pipe to address this issue, so perhaps the 4.0.3 update Galaxy Nexus owners are expecting in the coming weeks has a lot more in store than we originally thought.

via RootzWiki; Electronista

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