Samsung Galaxy Nexus to receive signal strength fix

News about the Galaxy Nexus has been both good and bad. Of course, the bad seems to outweigh the good sometimes, but not to fear, we have some good news for you today! It seems like Big Red (Verizon Wireless) has been hard at work, trying to identify the underlying problem with the signal strength on the first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone to hit the market.

Verizon’s announcement today made it clear that the issue will soon be a distant memory of a cold, dark past. Verizon does point out that the signal strength issue is actually not an issue with reception as originally thought. Instead, it seems to be a simple software issue with the proper number of bars not being displayed. The official word is that the Galaxy Nexus has a different way of translating signal strength into bars on the display. While some members of the community are a little annoyed pointing to actual reception and data transfer issues as the underlying problem, recent tests show that the Galaxy Nexus does indeed get the same number of bars that other 4G LTE devices get, if not more. In any case, we’ll see if this upcoming update will fix our signal strength woes.

via PhoneDog

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