Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T updated to Android 2.3.6

While the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket may be getting all of the attention now-a-days, there’s still a few people out there who own the original Galaxy S II for Big Blue’s network. For them, updates are something that any phone user looks forward to, so today should be bear some pretty exciting news. Over on the official Galaxy S II forums on AT&T’s site, it’s been confirmed that a new OTA update is on its way.

The new over the air (OTA) update will push Android 2.3.6 to your device. Just a quick skim through the forum has a few people getting some failures after they try to download the file, so keep in mind that that may occur. However, more than a few are pleasantly pleased with the update. The file measures in at 20MB. Once you update your device, let us know what you think of the newest software for your device.

via AT&T; thanks, Dave!

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