Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile offered for only $149.99 during Best Buy’s three day sale

Best Buy is offering up a mighty fine special for anyone who has been waiting to get a new smartphone, but wasn’t all that willing to pay an arm-and-a-leg for one. During the yellow tag retailer’s three-day sale, you can finally get your hands on one of the most enjoyed Android devices out there, Samsung’s Galaxy S II, for a measly $149.99.

Of course, since it’s Best Buy, you don’t have to worry about any kind of rebate, either. So you’ll just walk in, get the phone and pay the advertised price, no hassle. What’s better, is that the deal is being offered to not only new customers, but also existing ones, too. Good news for anyone who wants a new phone for Christmas, but remember that it’s only a three-day sale, so get to it.

via TMoNews; Best Buy

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