Samsung Galaxy Tab, a sight to see on iLuv’s Artstation Pro Audio Dock

One shortfall of being in this amazing community of Android consumers is that there aren’t many accessories or peripherals for the many Android devices out on the market. When viewing the ecosystem of our counterpart, iOS, we see a slew a manufacturers that create amazing accessories that add to the experience creating a much fuller and more desirable ecosystem. One of the biggest problems is that 3rd party manufacturers do not develop accessories simply because with Android being on so many form factors, they would need to develop a line of accessories with one particular device in mind.

Luckily, iLuv has done just that. iLuv, much like most accessory companies creating products for the mobile sphere, has been working on iOS accessories for a long time. This time, they turned their attention to the Samsung line of tablets (7.0+, 7.7, 8.9, and 10.1). The dock retails for $149.99 and basically has a lock on the market. The dock goes on sale this month at your favorite consumer electronics retailer.

via Android Community

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