Samsung reportedly reevaluating whether or not the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab can get Android 4.0

Four days ago Samsung rocked the mobile market by announcing that the original Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab would not be getting an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. They told the world that it was due to a memory allowance on both devices, and that it would be hard to upgrade the devices due to the lack of it on each. While Samsung is sticking to their guns, saying that these memory restrictions would still cause a major problem, they are apparently reevaluating whether or not the original devices will be getting the upgrade or not.

A new report is coming out of Korean site ajnews that makes these claims. Apparently, without much reasoning involved, Samsung has decided to change their mind and actually find out if there’s a way for the update to Android 4.0 to work on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab. It will certainly be interesting to see if they change their stance. But, it will be more interesting to see if and when devices like Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate, the Big Red carrier’s variation on the original Galaxy S, ever gets the update, if it gets cleared.

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