Samsung Smart TVs will bring Android to CES 2012

Android is ready to spread its proverbial wings and the next stop? Your Samsung Smart TV. Yes, all signs point to Android hitting the boob tube in a big way. Samsung has released a little teaser for the masses that takes a behind-the-screen (heh) look at the journey our TVs have made to get to where they are now.

What’s really going to be happening next year with Samsung’s TVs? Well that’s a bit up in the air. On one hand, the dedication that the Suwon-based manufacturer has to Android is clear. On the other, Samsung Smart TVs are out on the market now with a proprietary operating system. It has, been successful (over 2 million apps were downloaded). We’ll see, let’s find out what Samsung has in store for 2012 and with CES around the corner, we won’t be waiting long.

via Tech Crunch

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