Samsung tries a different approach for advertising their tablets

For every company on the planet, marketing is a huge step. And the sign of a good marketer, or perhaps a brave marketer, is someone who can take what’s been seen as a negative event and twist it around to seem pretty positive. That’s what we’re looking at here with this promotional poster for the Galaxy line-up of tablets from Samsung.

As you can see, there’s the standard “It’s time to Tab” right there, which is Samsung’s normal line of branding. However, right above that, is the line, “The tablet Apple tried to stop.” Now, we can’t help but think that’s funny, if not completely poignant. The Apple/Samsung drama is far from over, but it’s good to see that someone in Samsung’s marketing group can make a pretty serious event like the lawsuits between the two companies, and turn it around and actually use it. Whether or not it works in Samsung’s advantage, we may never know.

But it’s good for a laugh, anyway.

via Reddit

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