Samsung Vibrant loses official Cyanogen Mod support

It’s not everyday that the Android developer community drops support for a device, but sometimes it just has to happen. The Cyanogen Mod team has decided to drop all official support for the Samsung Vibrant, as it has a nasty bug that prevents 911 from hearing the caller when an emergency call is placed. Many may think nothing of it, but in a great time of need it could be a huge problem. The team suggests all users of their popular custom ROM immediately flash a different Samsung based one.

The team claims the cause of the problem is the fact that Samsung never released the source code for the phone’s radios, and there wasn’t a way to work around it. They also advise that users only use ROMs based off of Samsung’s official firmware, as no open source-based ROMs can get around this issue. It’s great to see that Cyanogen is taking true responsibility, instead of just throwing up a disclaimer. Anyone who is willing to take the risk could probably still find the ROM, but it’s definitely not recommended. Anyone using Cyanogen Mod on their Vibrant? Are you mad that the issue couldn’t be resolved? Let us know in the comments!

via Androinica; Cyanogen Mod

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