Secret Launcher Hidden in Ice Cream Sandwich

There is a reason so many people like Google. Not only do they offer great services, but they usually try to have a little fun with it too. In previous version of Android you could find little easter eggs in the settings menus if you know where to look. Google did the same thing in ICS with Nyandroid, but they didn’t stop there.

Tucked deep within Ice Cream Sandwich is a secret launcher called “Rocket Launcher.” Google really tried to hide this one, because in order to find it you need to do a little work. One way to find it is with LauncherPro. Make a desktop shortcut activity and find “Rocket Launcher” under Launcher in the long list. We haven’t tried, but we assume you could do this with an app like “AnyCut” as well.

Once you find Rocket Launcher you will be whisked away into a hyperspace-esque tunnel of apps. The app icons fly towards you, and you can slow them down by holding your finger on the screen. This isn’t the most efficient way to launch apps, but it sure is fun. Video below.

via The Verge

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