Senseg brings textures and friction to your touchscreen

Just when we thought technology had nothing up its sleeve, Senseg makes us all hold our breath. Senseg is a company that created an amazing technology that allows you to feel things on your tablet. They use a innovative hardware and software that creates an electrostatic field and the rest is just strange voodoo from a galaxy far, far away.

This is worlds different from haptic feedback which is simply a vibration being created by hardware. The electrostatic field created by Senseg actually emulates the feeling of edges and textures to bring a “real life” sensory experience right on your touchscreen. The potential applications are astounding. Aside from the obvious application in games, but accessibility, education, and multimedia would all benefit from this technology. Imagine touching your touchscreen navigation system and actually feeling buttons on it. What’s the great news? They think it’ll hit the market in a year. No, really.

via Android Authority

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