Sensics 3D SmartGoggles with Android teased

Company’s have occasionally launched wearable displays, but none have really caught on. A new start-up known as Sensics is looking to change that with a new product, a HUD (heads up display) independently running Android. This means that it will have its own processor and memory to run Android and then display the content on-screen. To be called SmartGoggles, it can also be used with outside sources.

3D is also reportedly on-board, using lenticular display similar to the Nintendo 3DS. The company will be attending CES next year, and more information should be available. For the company to be successful they will need to hit a low price point, unlike the many expensive HUDs currently available. Would you buy a Android HUD? Is it just a gimmick? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Community

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