Song Xperia Play now compatible with OnLive

One of the perks to buying an Xperia Play would be the fact that it has better game support than most other Android devices, and that has just gotten better. Onlive has recently released an app for its services to the Android Market, allowing players to use either their touchscreen or a Bluetooth controller to play full PC games. In its most recent update, support for the Xperia Play and its control pad have been included.

Many were disappointed with the Xperia Play, and expected it to have better games and support. With this update, we believe it makes it one of the most capable gaming phones available. Any other device must either use its touchscreen with a compatible game, or buy a separate Bluetooth controller. Any owners of the Xperia Play planning on trying OnLive? Anyone else already using it? Let us know in the comments!

via Tech Crunch

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