Sonic 4 Episode II plays favorites with devices

Sonic fans rejoice! Sonic 4 Episode II is on its way and heading to your Android device in 2012. Well, that’s if you have a Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 device. That’s right folks, Sega will be pushing out its release of Episode II for the Tegra family of processors leaving everyone else in the lurch. Still, for those of us with Tegra devices now and that plan on buying one of the many Tegra 3 offerings hitting the market soon, this is great news. Sega has also saw fit to release a teaser on YouTube which you can check out below. Be warned, like so many teasers, you get no real information. We’ll have to wait for some game footage to throw in our two cents, but for now, Sega has our attention.

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