Sony Ericsson releases Android 4.0 Alpha ROM for unlocked XPERIA devices

With the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, we are seeing a very different perspective from manufacturers out there. Unlike past updates, the people behind our favorite phones are not keeping much in the shadows, and instead focusing on Android 4.0 and how it will be updated to devices. Sony Ericsson has taken a different path, and actually released an Alpha ROM of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for unlocked XPERIA devices.

However, while this is good news for anyone out there wanting to test out Android 4.0 on one of those particular devices, there’s a bit of a caveat. Not all services are available, and you’ll be missing a few applications. Specifically, you’ll be missing Google services apps like Gmail and Google Maps. You’ll also find out that Bluetooth is turned off, WiFi is turned off, ANT+ is turned off, and the FM-radio is turned off. Basically, this is just a test ROM and should not be used for every day usage.

It’s just for demonstration purposes, which should be good enough for anyone with an unlocked XPERIA device looking to see how the future stands for your device. Head on through the source link below to see more, or just watch the video below.

via Sony Ericsson

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