Sony will drop the Ericsson branding from products by mid-2012

Back at the tail-end of October, we told you about Sony buying out Ericsson’s share of the mobile platform partnership. Sony bought Ericsson’s share for a total of €1.05 billion, and the reason for the whole thing? So Sony could better fold its smartphone line-up into the big cozy blanket of other products, like gaming consoles, PCs and tablets.

It’s been learned that the re-branding of the company will be finalized by mid-2012, where you will no longer see the Ericsson name tied to devices, like future XPERIA handsets. We should also see the removal of the green orb that has represented the Sony Ericsson name in a design logo for quite some time. It will more than likely be replaced with Sony’s own logo, unless they come up with something different.

via Mobilesyrup

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