Spacetime Studios delivers gaming free of platform restriction…

The world’s first game developer to build a game that can bridge multiple platforms is Spacetime Studios. In November, the Pocket Legends creator brought their offering to Chrome effectively closing the loop. The journey started in October of 2005 when they were founded to develop large-scale, next-gen PC MMOs. Their first port came to iOS in August 2009, in April of 2010, they released Pocket Legends.

Their journey didn’t stop there. They ported their engine to Android and recently released Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles. The crown goes to Spacetime and the work they will continue to put into conquering the platform barrier.  More and more, developers will be able to leverage and build on innovations like these to create a richer and friendlier world community… at least with regard to the mobile space.

via Android GuysSpacetime Studios

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