Spotify sweetens up with Rolling Stone, and others

For all those Spotify fans out there, today is your lucky day. Today, the internet jukebox service held a “what’s next” even in New York to show the world how it is reinventing itself. The change has come and as with the smartphone industry, the key word was “apps”. Of course, the apps reside in the Spotify ecosystem so really they could be considered add-ons, but nonetheless improvements are here for the general public to try.

Along with the addition of various apps for getting song recommendations, finding lyrics, or generating playlists based on your mood, the music streaming service also rolled out a Facebook News Feed-esque information stream that allows users to see what others are doing in real time. A number of apps were made available today so head over to the source link and see what the hubbub’s all about. Maybe this is the reason you’ve been needing to download the app for your Android handheld and augment the experience on your PC or Mac.

via Spotify; Engadget