Sprint gets access to Clearwire’s WiMAX network until 2015

All you Android users on Sprint, there is some good news coming down the pipe for your enjoyment. Today marked the day that Clearwire was due to pay the interest on an outstanding debt (to the tune of $237 million). What comes from the payment you ask? Well Sprint, as part of its transition to LTE was planning to phase out WiMAX coverage in 2012. Now, with the payment and a new deal valued at $926 million, Sprint will be using Clearwire’s WiMAX network through 2013 with provisions allowing Sprint access through 2015.

In addition to the WiMAX development, Sprint had been considering funding Clearwire’s move to LTE. Now, Sprint has paid up to $350 million to help Clearwire do that. Hopefully with this development, Clearwire LTE-compatible devices will roll out in 2013. So breathe out that sigh of relief, your Sprint WiMAX equipment will work for the next few years.

via The Verge

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