T-Mobile includes an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II in their Find the Elf contest

Remember that #FindtheElf contest that we told you about not too long ago? You know the one, where T-Mobile wants to give you $1,000 and a free Samsung Galaxy S II if you manage to win? Of course you do. Well, it looks like in their trails and tribulations to get their marketing up for the event, someone managed to nab a Galaxy S II, but it wasn’t for T-Mobile.

As you can see in the image above, which is taken from their How it Works guide on how to win this particular contest, you can see that the phone they’ve chosen to include is the AT&T-branded Galaxy S II, and not the T-Mobile version. There are all sorts of reasons something like this could happen, but we imagine it’s either a Photoshop mishap, or maybe T-Mobile is trying to tell the world that the contest isn’t just for T-Mobile customers? That’s possible, too. In any case, it’s worth a smile at least.

via TMoNews

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