Team Hydro brings you into recovery painlessly

Say goodbye to fiddling with your phone to get into your bootloader, and to getting stuck in a permanent bootloop. No, really. If you’ve been there and asked “Why doesn’t someone make an app for this?” then you’re one of many. Thankfully, the Android community is amazing and some was making something for that. Team Hydro has been working on a bootmanager that resides in the boot image. It starts up every time your device powers on and gives you the ability to boot into recovery.

For all you kids out there that feel like you’re ready for your own personal copy, don’t hold your breath. It isn’t something you can flash. Team Hydro promises to work with your favorite ROM developer to bake it into their own releases. The good news is, it works on just about any phone.

via Android Central; Team Hydro

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