TeamWin releases TWRP 2.0: a Touchscreen-enabled custom recovery

TeamWin, the developers of CyanogenMod’s WiMax faeature, have been working on TWRP to develop a custom recovery that makes the recovery process a little easier on Android device owners. The newest iteration supports touchscreen input (yes!) and improvements under the hood. The newest release includes a full GUI with buttons and XML engine and bug fixes.

For those that don’t know about TWRP, it is a custom recovery that makes using your volume rocker and power button a thing of the past. It also saves recovery settings to your SD card, allows you to choose partitions to back up, and the ability to compress backups that are saved. Finally, for those of you that like the ability to customize your phone, you’ll be excited to learn that the GUI for TWRP is fully customizeable thanks to the XML code its built on. Head over to TeamWin’s official site for details!

via Android Police

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