Tegra 3 optimized Shadowgun THD hits the Market

A couple weeks ago, we covered the teaser for Shadowgun running on a Tegra 3 device. Unfortunately, while we started at the video with jaws wide open, we were relegated to waiting on the sidelines for two things to happen. The first, well, we were waiting for a Tegra 3 device to be released. Second, we needed the optimized version of Shadowgun to be released. Well, today, by some quirk of fate (perhaps the spirit of St. Nick), Madfinger games released an update for Shadowgun THD and what do you know! It’s all ready to take on all comers… that have a Tegra 3 tablet. In any case, if you have a Transformer Prime in your mitts right now, go to the Market and get on this. If you don’t watch the video below and cry yourself to sleep.

via Android Police

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