TeleNav makes the switch to HTML 5

One of the most popular location-based service provider is TeleNav. For those that know, TeleNav is a popular and widely-used navigation application tool. Looks like starting today, they might be gettin a lot more users. TeleNav announced today that they made the switch to HTML 5, at least in terms of your browser-based navigation needs. In addition, they have made integration of the browser-based simple for devs. Developers are now able to add a single line of code into their Android apps or website to offer customers and users free turn-by-turn navigation. Yes, that’s right. All they need is the internet and a working browser. Not enough? How about this all happens right on your site?

Of course, the possibilities are endless. This would be the first application of a live, turn-by-turn service that integrates itself into webpages. In addition, consumers would get the added benefit of not having to turn on a separate application that would only tax already dwindling batteries on our cutting edge mobile devices. Finally, it is an easy way for developers to add value to their own products without doing much of anything. Let’s see how the community harnesses this new innovation. Hats off to TeleNav for blazing this trail.

via Android Community

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