The Super Bowl will be streamed to Verizon’s NFL Mobile app

When the Motorola Bionic was landing in stores, and even after its official launch, Verizon was promoting the device with their NFL Mobile application. The app is available on other devices, of course, and it’s been used to advertise other phones and promotions over time. But if you’ve never had a reason to download it before, perhaps the fact that it will be able to stream the Super Bowl right to your handset is reason enough.

In an announcement made this morning, NBC Sports has confirmed that they will be streaming the Super Bowl to several different media types. It will be streamed online at their website, which is a first by itself. However, the big news comes that Super Bowl XLVI will be streamed to the NFL Mobile app, free of charge apparently. That’s not all, though. The Saturday Wild Card game, along with the Pro Bowl will also be streamed to devices running the app as well.

Good news for anyone who wants to watch the Super Bowl on their phone, which will offer them live statistics and multiple camera angles, right at the touch of a finger.

via Reuters

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