Twitter opens Android security products to the world

Twitter is making moves and it’s feeling like they’re moving in the right direction. Last month, Twitter scooped up Whisper Systems and we were waiting to see what would happen. Well click here and find out. For all you lazy people that didn’t click through, Twitter is going to be releasing Whisper Systems’… well, systems to the world in open source glory.

The first release is Whisper Systems’ TextSecure. It’s an Android text messaging client that encrypts messages. Whisper Systems’ founders Moxie Marlinspike and Stuart Anderson both felt that this was the right move. Sharing is caring after all. WhisperCore, another product which enables full disk encryption and management tools for Android phones, is also going to be released.

Other future releases have not been announced as of yet with the exception of WhipserCore, but more of Whisper Systems’ products will get the same treatment. This is all music to the community’s proverbial ears. The timing could not have been better with Android getting so much heat for being a security liability.

via PCWorld

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